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Become a master in option trading, option strategy adjustments and intraday trading through best selling books of Rajiv LB Roy.

Books written by Rajiv LB Roy

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This book is a comprehensive guide to option trading, covering the basics of option trading, option chain analysis, identifying market trend using FII, DII, & Pro trader data, and several important trading strategies for each market scenario. Basically, this book covers the ABCs of options to sophisticated option strategy adjustments.

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Nine back-tested intraday trading strategies were discussed in this book. To name a few are opening range breakout, super trend, MACD, gap strategy, chart pattern strategy etc.

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How to identify intraday and short term trend with the help of option chain and FII, DII data is explained here. Apart from that few option strategies with real examples were shown.

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How to adjust a strategy when market doesn't move in your favor is about this book. Option adjustments viz. straddle, strangle, calendar spread, call spread, put spread etc. were explained with payoff charts.

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Strategies are discussed with proper figures and stepwise methodology etc. Very impressive book. 9 strategies are discussed. One or two are more than sufficient to earn money.

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Shankar Lakkaraju


Option chain analysis is very good book of the author to understand option chain of any F&O stock or index and decide the market sentiment. I was searching books on option chain analysis and satisfied by reading this book.

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