Intraday Trading, Swing Trading, Option Trading আদিৰ জৰিয়তে ষ্টক মাৰ্কেটৰ পৰা উপাৰ্জনৰ কলা শিকক |

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Complete Stock Market Course in Assamese: Combination of Basics & Technical Analysis
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Intraday Trading Course for Beginners in Assamese
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Technical Analysis for Intraday and Swing Trading
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Part-time Trading through Swing Trading: for salaried employees and businessmen
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ষ্টক মাৰ্কেটৰ মৌলিক পাঠ্যক্ৰম (Live)

"Complete Stock Market Course in Assamese" is a combination of Stock Market Basics for beginners and Technical Analysis. The course is also taught through live mode on Google Meet platform. You can clarify their doubts with the instructor during the live session.

নবীনসকলৰ বাবে অপচন ট্ৰেডিঙৰ পাঠ্যক্ৰম (Live)

"Option Trading for Beginners in Assamese" is a basic course who want to learn option trading from the scratch. You will learn here - call option, put option, option chain analysis, option Greeks, reading FII, DII data, option strategies for different market scenarios and many more.

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